Do you know how many gambling sites are online? We’d be surprised if you knew. We’d be surprised if anyone knew this! There are thousands of them, and we don’t think anyone would want to count them.

It would be pointless anyway because their number is constantly growing. It has been over 20 years since the first gambling sites appeared, and more are constantly being created.

Avid gamers like us are happy to know that there are more and more places to bet. However, there is a problem – especially for people just entering the industry. How should we decide which sites to use?

You can choose them at random, but it’s not a methodical approach. Or, you may end up choosing a site that you don’t like at all or, worse, that is unreliable.

A better solution would be to read our reviews. Unlike many others that can be found on the Internet, ours are not cards. We’re not just writing why a page is great. We present a nuanced description of its offer. We look at its strengths and weaknesses and provide lots of details.

You can find our full list of reviews below. A bit further, we’ve included information about the reviews themselves, including the information on how we write them. We also advise you on how to choose the site that will be best suited to you and present a handful of tips on online gambling as such.

Key Criteria For Online Casino Reviews

Key Review CriteriaInitial research

Initial research is rather obvious. We check when a given site emerged, where it has been operating and who the owner of the site is. We also check whether it has the appropriate licences and what authority issued them.

The key is to establish the image of the website. Although we base our reviews on our own impressions of using the websites, we also want to inform you about the opinion of the online gaming community. We usually mention it in reviews, even if our opinion is different.

It’s obvious that our reviews are aimed at people interested in setting up an account on gambling sites. It is no wonder then that we describe this process. To do this, we need to create an account ourselves.

At this stage, we mainly look at what data is needed for registration and how easy (or not!) the whole procedure is.

Available promotions and mobile use

PromotionsOnce we have an active account on the site, we understand the issues that will surely interest our readers. This is information about what deposit methods are available, what welcome bonuses are waiting for new users, is there a mobile application, and much more.

This step is easy to perform as the information is usually easy to find. Sometimes, however, we have to make a more detailed search.

Payment options

You need a funded account for this – which is why this step is so important. This allows us to also describe the deposit process. For many people, this is important information, we also use the opportunity to check whether there are hidden costs associated with the deposit.

In each service, we withdraw money at least once, and we usually do it even more often. As with deposits, this allows us to describe the process and determine if there are any charges.

Thanks to this, we know the time after which the withdrawn funds are transferred to our account. This is, of course, an extremely important point, and it is especially crucial when reviewing SA user-friendly sites.

Online gambling transactions can be problematic in SA, so withdrawal times can be long. It is good to know, then, how we can process money at the casino before registering.

Game offering

Game offeringOnce the account is funded, we start playing. Most sites today offer different types of gambling. At this stage, we learn what the use of the website looks like.

We want to point out that the effects of our game rarely affect reviews. We will not present the website in superlatives because we managed to win in it, and we will not criticise it just because we lost money. We are interested in the overall impression of the game, not in whether we made a silly bet or were lucky.

Of course, there are also exceptions. If we have a reasonable suspicion that we have failed due to unfair terms, we will definitely mention it. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

Customer service

The last step before writing a review is contacting customer service. There are usually a few things we want to ask about, and we can also assess the quality of service. We also check what communication channels are available.

The Team Of Experts

The accuracy of our reviews is very important to us. We try to do this in every case. However, the true value of our reviews does not come from giving the facts. What is most valuable are the opinions and reflections of our authors.

By reading a review of a gambling site, you can find out whether it is worth using a given site. However, dry facts are not enough. We want our reviews to provide more.

It is possible thanks to the fact that we boast a truly valuable team. Its members are experts in online gambling. They have decades of experience behind them. Writing detailed reviews by people with very little knowledge of the subject would be pointless. It would in no way help anyone!

Our authors really know do their stuff, so their opinions have the maximum importance and value for our readers. If they write that they like a given website, it is very likely that you will also like it.

Our Editorial Principles

Our Editorial PrinciplesWe mentioned earlier that many gambling site reviews are written solely for profit. Do you know how their authors earn? They are paid by the websites concerned to write about their offer only positively.

When creating reviews, we follow very specific rules ourselves. We never accept money in exchange for fake positive reviews. Do we ever praise specific websites? Of course! For most sites, at least a few aspects are commendable and some reviews are almost entirely positive. The difference is, we value sites that actually deserve it. We also always mention the faults and drawbacks of casino websites.

Our reviews are based 100% on our own opinion. Nobody influences us our articles and under no circumstances do we write thoughts that we don’t share. We can say with certainty that we are independent and objective and for this exact reason our casino reviews and content are exactly what you need.

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