South African National LotteryHave you ever complained about the unfair division of online gambling possibilities around the world? How come the Brits can take advantage of hundreds of national operators and the Americans have access to splendid casinos that are famous around the world? Fortunately for all SA players, the case of lottery is different. Better! Lottery SA has been available for national gamblers since 2000 and it’s not going anywhere.

Thanks to the National Lottery Sa we have access to a number of well-recognised, secure and ultra-fun SA lottery games. What lottery options do you have, how to check SA lottery results and how to choose SA lottery numbers – we’ll answer all these and many other questions below. Read on!

The National Lottery SA

The SA National Lottery was introduced in the country 20 years ago, and back in 2000, it was operated by Uthingo. Lotto was definitely one of the most successful games rolled out by the operator and three years later the company launched Lotto Plus, an addition to the regular game.

Today, the options are more advanced. You can now enjoy Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and quite a few of other, slightly less popular games. Let’s take a look into every each of the games and see what their characteristics are.

Daily Lotto

  • daily lottoA player picks 5 out of 36 numbers (unless they decide to go with the Quick Pick option)
  • One ticket costs R3
  • There is no limitation on how many tickets you can buy
  • One betslip is max. R150
  • Draws take place every day except for Christmas
  • Prizes depend on how many right numbers a player has matched with the drawn numbers
  • Division 1 – prize for matching all the correct numbers

Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2

  • LottoYou need to pick six numbers between 1 – 52
  • Ticket costs: Lotto – R3, Lotto Plus 1 – R2.50, Lotto Plus 2 – R2.50
  • In order to play Lotto Plus 2, you need to first play Lotto, as well as Lotto Plus 1
  • You have a chance to pick the Multi-Draw option to play the same number for several draws
  • Draws happen and are streamed on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 20:56 on SABC 2

PowerBall and PowerBall Plus

  • powerballThere are 6 numbers to be picked – from 1 – 45 and an extra number from a grid consisting of 1 – 20
  • The PowerBall tickets cost R5 each
  • The additional Powerball Plus tickets will cost you R2.50
  • Powerball Plus works the same way as Powerball, although it gives you a chance to win a prize
  • The odds are the same, however, Powerball Plus prizes are usually less beneficial
  • Lottery draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 pm

SportStake 8

  • sportstakeThe lottery allows you to predict the outcome of fixtures from South African leagues and other international competitions
  • You need to make 16 predictions on one ticket which relates to eight matches
  • The ticket costs min. R2
  • You can’t bet more than R2,000 at a time
  • Fixture lists are announced every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Matches end on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
  • SA lottery results from this game are announced on respective Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays
  • 50% of the net sales of these tickets go directly to the prize pool

SportStake 13

  • sportstake 13Players need to predict the outcome of 12 football matches from South African and international fixtures
  • The min. bet per board is R2 and the max. prize of one wager is R2,000
  • Tickets for this game are sold both at lottery retailers and the SA lottery online website on Mondays to Fridays between 6:00 am 11:00 pm. Draws take place every Monday and Friday
  • 50% of the net sales contribute to the SportStake 13 prize pool
  • Prizes are awarded in 4 divisions

How To Play SA National Lottery

In order to play SA lottery Powerball or try your luck hitting a SA lottery jackpot, you simply need to register or log in to your National Lottery account.

Depending on the game, you need to select a particular amount of numbers and submit the paid ticket. You will then receive the confirmation to your email address that your tickets has gone through. In case you want to check your numbers again before the SA lottery latest results, you can do by viewing your account.

How To Check SA National Lottery Results

It doesn’t matter if you wish to check SA National Lottery Powerball results or the SA lottery results history records – they’re all saved on the website of the National Lottery. Of course, if you’re interested in checking the SA Daily Lottery results or other draws immediately – stream them live on your TV. You can check the days for each lottery in our article above.

Frequently asked questions

Can I play Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 at the same time?

You actually must do so! However, according to National Lottery rules, in order to play the Lotto Plus 2 game, it’s obligatory that you first buy the Lotto Plus 1 tickets. If you wish to check Lottery SA results later, visit the website of the National Lottery operator.

Where can I check the national lottery results and payouts?

Go to the official website of the National Lottery. You will be able to access there SA daily lottery results, SA lottery numbers that made winning combinations, SA lottery latest results and all other National Lottery results SA. In shorts, this website is your go-to place to find out about all SA lottery raffle results and payouts.

Can I play other lottery games?

Yes. However, they might not be necessarily operated by the National Lottery. This means that different rules might apply. We have listed other lottery options that SA players can take advantage on. Read the guide on our website!

Why should I play SA lottery?

Because it’s easy, cheap, fun and it provides a good amount of excitement while waiting for the results! You don’t need any special skills, neither do you have to be a milliner to play SA lottery to enjoy some safe and entertaining money game.

Is there an SA lottery app?

Yes, there is a dedicated app for the SA National Lottery. You can find it on Apple Store and Google Play. You will also see many unofficial applications on your mobile stores which will provide you with National Lottery results SA. However, bear in mind that being unlicensed individuals, these apps might not always share correct and trustworthy information!

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