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CasinoAdviser is perhaps one of the largest sites concerning the SA online casino world online. We provide a huge source of knowledge that will allow you to make further decisions related to online gambling. The creation of such a website would not have been possible were it not for the enormity of work and experience that was put into the list.

Thanks to this, you can count on reliable and verified information that was created thanks to our editors, but also in cooperation with dozens of active players. Objective opinions would not have been possible were it not for the support of a wide range of enthusiasts, because it is they who create proven casino articles and test every day all those elements that will be ultimately relevant. So what exactly should you know and who are you dealing with here?

Team Behind CasinoAdviser

This online guide was created thanks to the cooperation of people experienced in the gambling industry. We have worked in casinos for many years, but also actively competed outside of them. Thanks to that we have acquired knowledge that will be useful for beginners but also for those who have more adventures behind them. From the development point of view, there are really many opportunities waiting for you. The current market is already so huge that there is a reason for supersaturation. In our rankings, we evaluate tens of individual brands that are active among players and which can ensure you not only successful fun but also promising cash winnings. Therefore, we have allowed ourselves to encourage you with our main statement:

CasinoAdviser is your guide to the world of online casinos. We know how difficult it is to choose the right casino in the sheer volume of often conflicting information, so get to know the opinions about online casinos recommended by our experts and players. In addition, on this page, you will find practical information on the offer of online casino gambling, casino bonuses, and types of payments and the level of customer service. If you are only interested in why casinos are so desirable and which ones are currently the best, we invite you to continue reading our site content, which we strongly support with your opinions, as always encouraging commenting and rating.

We want to know you better but we also feel the need to introduce ourselves to our readers. Get to know us and see who stands behind CasinoAdviser:

Simon – Web Developer

A mastermind behind all technical aspects of the website. He makes sure our site works well, loads fast is free from bugs and ensures you a great experience. He has spent 7 years in the iGaming industry, working on top SA gambling sites on both client and operator sides. But the professional expertise wouldn’t be enough to guarantee a massive success – the passion comes first! In the casino world, he mostly enjoys live games and often spends his time off at playing poker online. Who knows, maybe you’ll join him at the game table soon?

Carla – Content Editor

She is an ultra-creative person with a mathematical attitude, that’s why her articles are always a mix of poetic phrases with straight-to-point analyses. Her goal is always clearly set – to provide as much useful information as possible to CasinoAdviser’s readers. You’ll find here meticulously written articles, reviews, guides and news posts that Carla regularly shares with all the visitors. Her favourite casino game is the Book of Dead. Well, it’s not too surprising, taking into consideration how adventurous Carla is!

Joseph – Graphic Designer

Have you seen these fancy-looking artworks across our site? You can thanks Joseph for them. As a main graphic designer of the site, he makes sure the visual side of CasinoAdviser is pleasant, user-friendly, and interesting at all times. If you wonder whose idea was to bring the colour of hope to the site and make CasinoAdviser prettily green, you probably know the answer by now! Joseph particularly loves roulette and we have a feeling, the green colour of the wheel has something to do with it…

Our History

Our story might not be the longest as we all have joined forces just a couple of years ago. We noticed the gap in the market and decided to fill it in with our expertise and passion, creating one of South Africa’s top online casino guide. Find out below how our journey has looked so far:

  • June 2017

Carla and Simon crossed their paths for the first time, as they end up working together at one of South Africa’s top online casinos. They have a chance to collaborate on various projects, starting to see how smooth, enjoyable and easy-going the cooperation is. It doesn’t take longer than one year to realise that this potential should be used elsewhere.

  • July 2018

Two casino enthusiasts start the side project and create a first draft of the casino guide. They use their extensive expertise, knowledge, experience and creativity to bring to life a site that will soon be considered one of the best destination to the all-things casino on the internet.

  • October 2019

The two team members realise that without great visuals and the aesthetic approach towards the guide, they won’t get too far. They need a feast for an eye! Carla brings in to the team her long-time friend, Joseph, who immediately starts contributing revolutionary ideas. The site finally gets its final shape, listing a massive amount of informative content, well-optimised features and attractive graphics. CasinoAdviser is live!

  • November 2019 – Present

The site continues to grow, recording more and more readers and faithful visitors. We regularly collaborate with independent parties to ensure we feature top-notch content and present exactly what CasinoAdviser’s fans want to see and read. This is only the beginning so stay tuned and be part of this journey with us!

How We Work

When creating CasinoAdviser, we wanted to create a source that would be based on reliable opinions of experts. That is why in our ranking you will find not only suggested notes but also very extensive reviews. Each material of this type contains key information about how a given operator functions. So there will be a lot about the website, its responsiveness and potential mobile application. To this, we add news from the world of games – video slots, classic slot machines, table games or live casino.

If we combine it with available promotions, renewable bonuses, customer service, responsible gambling or free add-ons, you will get an overall picture of the casino that is worth discussing. That is why, as experts with many years of experience, we allow ourselves to create complete lists that also contain individual and exclusive bonuses that you will not find on any other website in the world. The professional approach has finally resulted in establishing new collaborations, and these will allow you to get to know the casino data better and to understand their capabilities properly. For example, free spins without registration will be one of the factors where, without any own contribution, thanks to us, you will take up the competition at the highest possible level.

Advocates Of Great Gambling Fun

Ultimately, the CasinoAdviser website will be for you a determinant of security or list of news that is currently entering the South African market. No casino would ultimately remain at the top if it didn’t implement new hits from developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Thunderkick. It would not be possible to win without such addition as the proper promotion. You can find their full list on our website.

We examine and analyse them in terms of benefits and simplicity in implementing the regulations. These terms and conditions will be fully mandatory for you and you cannot avoid them, because in this way you can lose the funds obtained previously.

We Are Here For You

All in all, the ultimate goal comes to one, final point. Our mission is to make your gambling life totally secure and extremely entertaining. And this means that your opinion is the most important factor behind creating a successful South African online casino guide. For this reason, we warmly invite you to share your thoughts with us and provide us with your feedback whenever you feel like it.

Get in touch with our team and share your recommendations on how we can improve the content, as well as enhance the future of our site. Also, although we strive to keep our content free from mistakes, we can’t guarantee all information is always 100% correct. The iGaming world changes extremely fast and casino operators are allowed to change their offering, bonuses and promotions without prior notice, hence we might not always be able to catch up with the news immediately. Should you spot an error – please always let us know! Together we can continue building a great online casino community and work towards shaping a more informative, safer and better gaming world.

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