How To Play Poker?

One of the first gambling games implemented in the world of online gaming was, unsurprisingly, poker. It has become extremely popular among players and has been a subject to many variations by various software developers.

If you’re familiar with the traditional form of poker, you shouldn’t have problems with understanding online poker. But if you don’t know how to play poker – don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this section, you’ll not only learn poker rules but also find out what poker games are available on the internet for SA players, what poker hands and poker chips are and how to successfully maintain a poker face when playing!

We also present you with the list of the best SA poker operators online so that you can start polishing your game skills right away!

Basic Poker Rules

Basic Poker RulesAfter you’ve chosen the best online casino with the poker option, we’ll now tell you how to play poker. Well, to play poker we need … cards, naturally. The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. You give 5 cards that you can discard to draw cards from the same deck to replace them. This means that, compared to online slots, this particular game is not fully played around RNG, but also has interaction with the player based on his decision, which is called a skill game. Otherwise, this would not be called poker! Free poker is essentially a free five-card poker game, but with no opponent.

The game starts with a bet consisting of 1 to 5 poker chips of a certain value. The next step is the interaction that offers the improvement or deterioration of cards received by discarding the next drawn cards and drawing new ones. When you’re done with the draw, you’ll need to click the deal button and see how much you will pay back depending on how good your hand is. Online poker might not seem too simple at first but you’ll soon see that the rules of poker are not that impossible to understand!

We can differentiate between various types of poker online. Below, we’re presenting you with key online poker South Africa variations that are available for players.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em PokerThe most popular poker variation is Texas Hold’em. The principles of the game are very simple. You don’t need to spend hours learning to play like a pro. The minimum number of participants, in this case is two, while the maximum is ten. The deck uses 52 cards.

When it comes to the rules of the game, it’s worth knowing first of all that:

  1. One of the players is the dealer.
  2. The first player from a low blind, i.e. small blind;
  3. The second player puts a high blind, or big blind, into the pot;
  4. The next stage of the game is to give each player two cards face down- their value can be known only to the owners;
  5. Then the game proceeds to the betting round – the first player to the left begins. Then the participant has three moves at his disposal: folding, calling or raising;
  6. After the bidding part, in which each player puts a certain amount of money into the pot, the so-called flop, i.e. three cards – each participant can use them during the game;
  7. When the players make their moves again, they go to the fourth card on the table – a so-called turn;
  8. The third bidding follows, the next raise is made, and the fifth card lands on the table – a so-called river;
  9. The next stage of the game is the fourth and last bid.
  10. The final step in the game is to show all cards. Players can use five cards out of seven available (there are 5 community cards and two of their own). All, of course, to arrange the best scoring system. The strongest combination in Texas Hold’em is royal flush, the weakest high card in turn.

It is worth remembering that each poker player develops his own game technique. This is what makes this kind of entertainment so diverse – some base actions on analysis to keep the rest of the players, others make complex mathematical calculations, and some others resort to a bluff. Poker rules are rigid, but their interpretation and ability to put into practice is very flexible.

Poker Hands

Poker HandsIn addition to knowing the basic rules of the game, it is also necessary to learn the value of individual card combinations. There are the following combinations:

  • Royal flush – it consists of cards from ace to tens of one suit;
  • Straight flush – five cards arranged in succession, in one suit;
  • Four of a kind – four cards of the same value;
  • Full house – three and a pair (e.g. 3×4 and 2×7);
  • Flush – five cards of the same suit but not consecutive;
  • Straight – this arrangement is the same as straight flush but it does not have to be of one suit;
  • Three of a kind – three cards of the same rank;
  • Two pairs – two two-hand hands consisting of twin cards (e.g. 2×2 and 2×5);
  • Pair – two cards of the same rank;

A high card is the weakest hand in poker. It applies only if none of the participants in the game has any of the above layouts to present. Then the player with the strongest card of all wins. The order of the above list is not accidental. The highest placed systems are the strongest in the hierarchy.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any online poker South Africa options?

Yes, plenty! Review our top list with top websites offering poker online especially for SA players. You might want to check out Silver Sands poker or Zynga poker, as they are one of the most popular choices among SA gamblers. No matter if you are only learning how to play poker or are getting ready for a top game just like the World Series of Poker - we have everything a player might need!

Is online poker safe?

It depends on the operator you choose. We always feature well-recognised and trustworthy casinos on our site, hence we recommend that you stick to our options. Also, if in doubt, choose well-known and popular casinos, for example Silversands poker or 888 poker. Always check whether the given online casino has a licence needed to operate iGaming services!

Can I play poker for free?

Most of the online casinos don’t offer a free poker option, however, you might find such games on other websites. It’s a perfect chance to play poker online and test your skills, as well as learn new strategies. Free poker games are not a myth, however, you’ll need to do your research to find some good options!

Can I play poker online live?

Yes. Top SA online casinos offer poker in their live casino sections. Also, most of them feature different variations of the game so you’ll have a chance to try out different types. Remember to not play with big money at first, as this might be quite harmful to your bank account! Evaluate your possibilities and choose one that is the most convenient for you. Unfortunately, your Lady Gaga poker face won’t do much work online, as other players can’t see you…

Is poker popular among SA players?

Definitely! Poker has been popular for years, a long time before the emergence of the internet. The virtual world has only intensified and increased its popularity also among South Africans. No wonder why so many people want to play Silversands poker or search for free poker games, as the game is one of the most interesting and exciting games one can play.

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